Amazon Prime Deals to Promote Play

Amazon Prime Day is here–and everyone is buying all the things. Many of the items that are a part of Amazon Prime Day are toys that are either not from reputable (aka safe) brands or are electronic-based toys like Leap Frogs or V-Tech, which you know I'm not about. Here is a list of 10 Amazon Prime Deals for toys that promote open-ended play.

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  1. Green Toys Orange Pull Wagon: This is legit one of the most used toys in our house. It has actually made its way outside and gets used for everything from collecting rocks to carting around baby dolls.

2. Melissa and Doug Stainless Steel Pots: These pots and pans are legit stainless steel and last forever. We have a set for our play kitchen and another set for our mud kitchen outside. They have been living outside for over 3 years at this point and still look new.

3. Green Toys Tea Set: I love this because it can actually hold water. The spoons are kind of a pain because they are small and get lost, but my kids always play with this–and it also makes a great bath toy!

4. Schleich Wild Life Starter-Set Action Figure: We love Schleich animals because they are extremely realistic, durable and of high quality. While they are plastic, they are not one and done. They will last and can be passed down, making them a more eco-friendly plastic option.

5. Magnatiles: One of the absolute best STEM toys out there. These are the perfect toy for open-ended play and building. See more about why we love Magnatiles here!

6. Tegu Magnetic Blocks: Another awesome open-ended building toys that acts as a STEM activity.

7. Osmo: We are not big on screen time for our kids but Osmo is one thing they are allowed to do on the iPad. We limit time to usually 15-30 mins (and not every day). I love that it is not passive because kids actually have to move the tiles to create words, solve math problems, do shape work, etc.

8. Magnatab Glow in the Dark: My kids are obsessed with this thing. What's nice is that it can be used to practice writing or to draw–it also acts as a great sensory activity because kids can push each individual magnetic ball down into the hole.

9. Wooden Musical Instruments: Musical instruments should be a staple in every home. These are a more ascetically pleasing option and they created real musical sounds (vs so many of the plastic counterparts).

10. Spin and Read Phonics Blocks: We don't have many “educational” toys in our house other than a few Montessori items. This one is perfect for kids who are learning to combine sounds to read CVC words.

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