This post may include affiliate links and I may earn commission if you make a purchase through these links.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you choose to purchase something through my link.

This holiday season I am working hard to be more mindful of what comes into our home–we are going to do a big purge and donate gently used toys to make room for a few new things, we will be asking for non-toy gifts from family and friends, and hubs and I will be sticking to a more minimal gift approach for each of our little ones.

I wanted to pull together a simple holiday gift guide that focused on more open ended toys that are suitable for a variety of ages, as well as promote more active play. So without further ado, I bring you my very first holiday gift guide.

1. Grimm’s Small Set of Bowls— Classic wooden nesting bowls in beautiful rich colors. Perfect for stacking, nesting, color recognition, size and shape understanding. These are a definite must have for babies!

2. Grimm’s Small Rainbow–Similar to the nesting bowls. I love the Grimm’s rainbow, in fact we have it in multiple sizes, because it will be used for years to come. Babies love the bright colors, they are non-toxic for little gummy mouths, and encourage open ended play.

3. Plan Toys Matching puzzle–Simple wooden puzzles with large handles are great for little babies to begin learning about early math concepts such as shape recognition and fractions, it also helps build patience and concentration.

4. Slumberkins snuggler–Who doesn’t need an adorably snuggly soft lovey in their lives. These little Slumberkins are just too cute.

5. Haba Rainmaker— A rainmaker is a great sensory experience for little ones. They can work on their grip, shake this to make noise and watch the little balls move around–helping them begin to develop a sense of cause and effect.

6. Plan Toys Bell Rattle–A classic rattle made from wood and very muted colors is a must have gift for little babies.

7. Haba Roly Poly Giraffe–This little guy is just too cute. Babies will enjoy nudging this little guy who will wobble but not tip over. Includes two teething rings and makes a soft tinkling noise for a multi-sensory experience.

8. Haba Frog–This frog doubles as a grasping toy and a teether. Love the adorable little frog face!

9. Grimm’s Grasper Beads–Another awesome grasper toy. Babies need multiple opportunities to practice holding objects that are a variety of shapes and sizes.

10. Grimm’s Wobbly Stacking Tower–Another classic toy that helps babies develop an understanding of math concepts such as shapes and size. Opt for this over the plastic ring tower for a beautiful and non-toxic addition to your space.

11. Haba Happy Block Set— These soft blocks are a must have for little ones to shake and stack. Each blocks also makes it’s own little noise.

12. Jellycat Stuffed Animal and Activity Book–Jellycat stuffed animals are the ONLY brand of stuffed animals we own. They are literally the softest, most adorable things ever. They also have such an amazing variety of unique animals. These little activity books are great as busy books for car rides.

13. Little Rawr Silicone Pacifier Beads–This is just too cute not to put on the list. Little Rawr also makes some great teething rings that are beautifully made of wood and silicone.

14. Haba Teether Cuddly Rainbow— An adorable toy for little ones that has a mirror, bells, teethers, and crinkle tags. So many little things to keep little hands and mouths busy.

15. Haba Rainbow Fabric Ball–A fabric ball that includes eight colorful sections with different textures and sounds that provide so much sensory stimulation.